Making Community Groups More Inclusive

This article from the Australian site Our Community gives advice to community organizations on how to become more inclusive.  Initial steps include the following.

  • Step One: Unite Behind the Decision. Present the arguments for inclusion to board/committee members, staff.
  • Step Two: Know Why. No one wants to be invited to join an organisation just to fill a quota. Plus, be careful of asking one person to speak for an entire group, such as “all LGBTQ” and “all people with disabilities.”
  • Step Three: Express Commitment. Set your commitment to inclusion in stone. Write it down. State it where relevant.
  • Step Four: Examine Your Current Organization. Changing the culture of an organisation will require a change in the way things are done. Ask questions like:
  •  What has this organisation done to encourage inclusion in the past?
  • Does your meeting structure offer equal opportunities for all to contribute?
  • Are your offices and meeting spaces fully accessible?
  •  Not everyone drives. Are meetings held close to public transit?

This article had many more suggestions for community groups increasing their inclusivity. Read the full article, including steps five, six and seven here: