How Accessible is your Hotel?

The Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) wants its members to take a good look at their accommodations, and take into account the needs of seniors and people with disabilities.

 “Internationally, there are growing strategies to attract the business of people with disabilities to the tourism industry. Customer demand for accessible tourism will continue to grow over the next decade,” the AHLA told members in a recent blog post.

Three key areas of accessibility for hotel operators are:

  • Customer service:  learn business practices and provide training to provide better service to guests with disabilities.
  • Accessible information and communications:  ensure the accessibility of information provided in person, through print, and websites.
  • An accessible “built environment,” meaning indoor and outdoor space including sidewalks, curbs roadways and parks.

In April, the AHLA’s annual convention hosted a session called “Room for Accessibility,” to share ideas and provide resources and strategies to improve accessibility for travelers to Alberta destinations. Tourism is crucial to the Alberta economy, as the province is home to iconic Canadian destinations as Banff and Jasper national parks, which draw international travelers by the millions every year.  

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