Considering a Diversity or Inclusion Campaign?

Understanding of the benefits of diversity and inclusion is taking hold across Canadian industry. Steve Steck is Vice President of Business Development & Brand Strategy at Public Inc. Public Inc is a Toronto-based social impact marketing agency and consultancy. Mr. Steck has these words of advice for organizations who want to improve their levels of diversity and inclusion. The article appeared on Charity Village.

  • Know your audience intimately. That includes those to whom you are communicating, and also those on whose behalf you are communicating;
  • Balance the tension in "hot button" issues:  Give space and attention to that which can provoke, as opposed to that which can repel;
  • Draw from real experiences: Ensure the voices that need to be heard and represented are there with you at the table, from the outset;
  • Question your instincts: Challenge yourself to collaborate with many, so that you have a chance to speak for all; and
  • Learn from the experience,  Strive to do better the next time out on behalf of those who deserve your professional best.

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