John’s Accessible Summer Adventures: Oshawa Wine Festival

The Business Improvement Association (BIA) recently hosted a Wine Festival at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery (accessible venue) in Oshawa, Ontario. This evening hosted ten wineries from over 200 located in the Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie, North Shore, Pelee Island and Prince Edward County in the Province of Ontario.

It was great not only to taste the wines from Sprucewood Shores, Inniskillen, Jackson-Triggs, Lakeview Wine Co., Tawse Winery, Del Gatto Estates Ltd., The Grange of Prince Edward County, Lacey Estates Winery, Sandbanks Winery and Waupoos Winery, but also to learn of their efforts to make their wineries accessible to visitors. I was particularly interested in the efforts by Lacey Estates Winery to create an accessible and inclusive wine tasting experience. A road trip is planned to visit several of these wineries.

Boutique Wineries Rock!