Guidelines for Accessible Community Engagement

The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) has released two guides to help public sector, non-profit, as well as private sector organizations make their stakeholder engagement more accessible.

OMSSA’s Guide to Accessible Public Engagement provides tips and strategies on how to engage with people with disabilities in an accessible and inclusive community consultation process of public decision-making:

  • planning, designing and conducting the engagement;
  • engaging attendees in accessible ways;
  • evaluating and reporting; and
  • embedding accessibility into organizational processes.

The Guide to Conducting Accessible Meetings provides checklists and tips on how to make the process and mechanics of meetings accessible:

  • understanding accessibility considerations for successful meetings;
  •  planning, preparing for and conducting the meeting;
  •  inviting and confirming participation;
  • evaluating and reporting; and
  • making meetings of different types accessible: virtual, in person, and recurring.

Visit OMSSA to download a guide or order a printed version by clicking here.