Skype Plans Accessibility Improvements

Skype has several improvements to its accessibility on the way, as part of Microsoft’s mission to “make technology more accessible and empower people to achieve more.” According to an article on Microsoft’s news site ON-MSFT, the Skype development team has been using user feedback and comments to address “accessibility issues.”

“We take feedback very seriously and are grateful to our active accessibility community who point us to areas of improvement. Following recent updates to Skype, your comments helped direct us to the areas of our new versions where change was most needed and could be most impactful.” 

Skype users can expect fixes and improvements such as an improvement to the visible keyboard, and fewer problems with keyboard focus moving to “non-actionable controls.”

Did you know Microsoft has a webpage called the Disability Answer Desk? Customers with disabilities can get support with Microsoft Office and Windows, including product issues, accessibility questions and use of assistive technology. Skype fans can also join the Skype Insider Community for early access to any new upcoming features.

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