Disability Diversity and Inclusion in the Media

A blog article on Socialcare.com.au reveals that American retailer Kmart is alive and well in Australia, and leading the way with its inclusive marketing. In 2016 Kmart Australia started featuring children with disabilities on a regular basis in its flyers and TV advertising. Children with Down’s Syndrome and kids using wheelchairs are now part of Kmart Australia’s regular marketing efforts.

Not to be outdone by its competition, Target Australia has also introduced its customers to the winsome smile of a boy with Down’s Syndrome, and a pretty blonde girl who happens to be wearing leg braces.

On Twitter, many parents praised the new thinking about marketing and expressed how it much it means to their kids with disabilities to see other kids that look like they do. 

In the U.S., Target and Nordstrom first included a child with Down’s Syndrome in flyers in 2012.

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See the original article here: https://socialcare.com.au/disability-diversity-inclusion-media/.