BBC Launches Diversity Inclusion Strategy

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has launched an ambitious strategy that they hope will “hardwire diversity and inclusion into everything the Corporation does.” The new strategy aims to make dramatic improvements in the corporation’s inclusivity and representation of the diverse population of the United Kingdom. The strategy sets out how­­­­­­­ the BBC will “do even more to reflect the public it serves.” They intend to do this both through the content it produces and internally, within the BBC workplace. “The BBC will strive to stand out as employing a diverse workforce that is representative of contemporary Britain, whilst ensuring that diversity is “something that everyone at the BBC understands”.

Using the new strategy, by 2020, the BBC intends to “have a workforce at least as diverse, if not more so, than any other in the industry.”

The BBC has pledged to “set challenging new on-air portrayal targets” for people with disabilities, women, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ people. To do this, the UK’s public broadcaster will invest in a new production facility where inclusive, representative content will be created.

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