Introducing the Accessibility Inspector for Firefox

On “Marco’s Accessibility Blog,” Mozilla blogger Marco Zehe gets into deep detail about Firefox’s new web site accessibility inspection tool. The Firefox Accessibility Inspector allows web developers to review how well a website works with assistive technologies. The Firefox Accessibility Inspector lets web developers:

· Jump from an accessible object’s properties straight into the HTML inspector, and inspect the element from which the accessible object was created;

· Jump from a selected HTML element in the HTML inspector to the corresponding accessibility object, to inspect its properties.

· View context menu items in the main browser to allow for the inspection of a given element’s accessibility. This will open the Accessibility Inspector with the relevant node already selected, with its properties displayed.

· Use the Inspector tool with mouse, keyboard, and assistive technologies such as screen readers.

The full inspector will be released in July 2018. Eager web developers can download it now through Firefox nightly builds, where Firefox invites tech enthusiasts to get a sneak peek at their next generation of web browser.

Marco’s Accessibility Blog is a blog written for and about Mozilla, the software developer best known for the Firefox internet browser. Mr. Zehe is based in Hamburg, Germany. He describes himself as “the Mozilla accessibility QA engineer and evangelist.” Marco is blind.

Want to get deep into the subject of designing for web accessibility? Have a look at Marco’s Accessibility Resources page.