Web Accessibility and Marketers

Not everyone can take full advantage of the internet, and that’s a problem,” says Tyler McConville. Mr. McConville is the CEO of Nav43, a Toronto-based digital marketing agency. He shared his thoughts on the marketer’s role in improving accessibility in this opinion piece on the Forbes Community.

 Many people think that accessibility is only for individuals with disabilities, “but in reality, it’s a philosophy: ensuring the internet is free and open for every single person on the planet. “Web accessibility helps users with disabilities have the fullest browsing experience possible. Here are some common use cases and how marketers can help bridge this gap:

· Giving visual elements simple, straightforward descriptions for screen readers is key. If you're inserting an image of a golden retriever jumping to catch a tennis ball, then your alt text should read: “Golden retriever jumping to catch a tennis ball."

· For hearing impaired users, a transcription of audio content is easier than you may think. A Chrome plug-in called Transcribe, “performs beautifully and turns the onerous task of transcription into a two-second job.”

“Accessibility” isn’t just “a nice thing to do.” Read the full article here.