Harnessing Technology to Create an Inclusive Workplace

Technology, says this article on Real Business (https://realbusiness.co.uk) is the solution to creating a “transparent and equal global enterprise environment.”

The opinion piece from a communications technology company argues Artificial Intelligence (AI), for example, can go beyond booking meeting rooms and turning on lights on command. Now we’re seeing AI taking meeting notes, providing unbiased documentation of meetings and conversations, reducing the chance that actions or important information is left out due to human bias.

Stereotypes that exist subconsciously affect behaviour and decisions around promotions and hiring. AI software algorithms and assistants can eliminate all subconscious bias. Driven by data, AI ignores existing workplace prejudgments, which means AI has the capacity to create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Those who may have restricted mobility, or a disability, must feel included in decision-making processes.  A myriad of communication tools can now ensure, regardless of where team members are in the world, they can always communicate with others in the company. At the same time, webinars and webcasting can bring businesses closer together by enabling large groups of people to hear company strategy, performance updates and successes. The ability to join meetings from anywhere, whether at a desk, at home or when travelling ensure that remote members and those who cannot be physically present are included in all discussions. Tools such as IM, Slack and iMeet further help bring teams together.

Real Business is “the digital publication for ambitious SMEs.” It is based in the UK.

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