Employable Me has Struck a Chord

Australian reality TV series Employable Me has resonated with audiences, and attracted warm reviews, largely, says this article in The Guardian newspaper, because of the cast. “The people we meet are socially awkward, vulnerable and some of them experience crippling anxiety. Yet they are all competent in their own way and all deserving of a job. As a viewer, it is not difficult to cheer on these endearing protagonists.”

The question remains however as to whether the series will change the attitudes of potential employers, who may fear taking on the “responsibility” of an employee with a disability.  Employable Me is an Australian production. The Australian government’s Disability Inclusion Plan is part of a commitment by the Australian government to supporting access to meaningful employment.  “Employable Me’s philosophy certainly feels genuine in its approach and not sensational or tokenistic,” says The Guardian.

Link: http://theconversation.com/employable-me-has-struck-a-chord-but-will-it-change-employers-attitudes-to-disability-94903