The Importance of Equal Opportunity at your Workplace

This opinion piece on The Daily Scanner ( says “there needs to be a shift in attitudes about the importance of equal opportunity, particularly for people with disabilities. Companies and institutions must make a conscious effort to rid their biases and accept those with disabilities. In many cases, the stigma around disabilities can cause a higher barrier for employment than the disability itself. Many people with a disability are capable of being a part of the workforce and making valuable contributions if given the opportunity.”

Fortunately, the digital revolution is helping with inclusion. “An immense opportunity exists in digital work,” she says. “It’s important for more digital firms to recognize their capacity to be a part of society’s evolution, by promoting a progressive and inclusive image.”

SEO Shark is an Australian digital marketing firm that has opened up its workplace to people with disabilities. In fact, SEO Shark received an award in early 2018 from Civic Disability Services for having the “most-open business” for employees with disabilities. “Civic” is a non-profit organization that provides services to people with intellectual disabilities, and mental health conditions.

The writer predicts the evolution of society through technology and legislation. “As people become more aware of the barriers that exist for many disadvantaged groups in society, there will be more action towards solutions and the prevention of discrimination.”

“However, this is not a change we should wait for – it should be something we continuously work towards. Organizations must set an example in becoming more inclusive and setting aside biases. By implementing policies and codes of conduct against discrimination, companies can be a part of the cultural shift towards inclusion.”

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