Redefining Accessible Software

On, tech writer Steven Aquino presents an interesting analysis on the impact of Apple technology on the lives of people with disabilities. “I have disabilities myself, so I'm part of the group who uses assistive technology to access their Apple devices,” says Mr. Aquino on his personal blog.   

“For everything the iPhone has meant to smartphones and to the world, there is a segment of users for which the iPhone has been truly revolutionary: people with disabilities,” he writes. “The launch of the App Store in 2008 was as much of a watershed moment as the original iPhone,” he argues, because the App Store is what made accessibility-centred apps available to people with disabilities.” In other words, the App Store changed how software was distributed.

The App Store is filled with other accessibility-focused apps, such as an app to help you learn American Sign Language and another that helps teachers create and track IEP goals.

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