Online Service to Find Accessible Travel Accommodations

The world of accessible travel keeps expanding.  Handiscover is an online service for booking accessible travel accommodations. Founder Sebastien Archambeaud was driven to create the service after travelling with his son who uses a wheelchair. “When travelling as the family we got so frustrated about the lack of purposeful information about accessibility of both vacation rentals and/or rooms for hotels,” he says.

Handiscover currently lists 28,000 properties and rooms, and covers 83 countries.

“Our mission is to enable people with disabilities and special needs to travel the world, by being able to find a great choice of accommodations at different price levels, adapted to our users’ specific needs,” explains Mr. Archambeaud. “As there is no international standard for accessibility we created our own, using an algorithm to classify accommodations according to their level of accessibility, in a consumer friendly way.”