Encouraging Diversity in Advertising and Public Relations

Forbes magazine online (Forbes.com) asked PR professionals for their thoughts on encouraging diversity in the advertising and PR world. Here are a few of their answers:                                                                                               

· Tap Your Higher Consciousness

In order for a business to grow, it must capture more people, and that means an audience that includes as many people as possible. If you want to appeal to that mass audience, then it is imperative to hire people that have different abilities and perspectives.

· Go Global

Even small agencies can improve diversity by hiring talent from places that are generally overlooked. Having a global team with a wide range of perspectives creates better outcomes for all clients. 

· Focus On the Person, Not the Resume 

To gain a more diverse workplace requires professionals to learn more about a person’s life experiences, and not just skills that may benefit the company.

· Reword Your Job Description

Start by looking over the job posting and analyzing its verbiage to ensure that it's culturally appropriate and not culturally biased.

There are twelve suggestions in all. Read the full article here.