Digitally Inclusive Event Registration Platform

An Australian event planner who is visually impaired has launched a “web accessibility health check tool” for event organizers.  In a first-person piece on Spice News, an online magazine for the Australian events industry, Luli Adeyemo describes how she came to launch the online tool.

The idea for the website “health check” came out of the need by two Australian government agencies to make their event registration platform and web pages accessible. Adeyemo stated, “There was no ‘off-the-shelf’ solution available so my team worked hard to get up to speed with digital accessibility standards.”

Then, Adeyemo says, she had an experience with a major sporting event that highlighted the problem for her, on a personal level. “I found the official app impossible to use thanks to its inaccessible colour contrast. This incident spurred me on to set up a new web accessible event service, to drive change in the events industry and ensure inaccessible experiences become a thing of the past.”

Working with Australian partner me2 Accessibility, Ms. Adeyemo launched this web accessibility health check for event planners to use, free of charge.  

Read the original article on Spice News here.