Universal Design

Accessible can easily be beautiful, as these award-winning bathroom remodelling projects show. Take a look at the impressive Gold, Silver and Bronze prize winners in the Universal Design category of the 2018 Kohler Bold Design Awards (KBDA).

The winners elevate universal design to a high art in these three residential bathroom designs. Each winner offers an enticing environment, with total accessibility.

The gold medal winner features an open, wet-room design, with plenty of clearance for wheelchair access. Grab bars are blended into the design in a way that is subtle and bold at the same time.  The highlight of the design is a creative, one-of-a-kind lounger-shower that blends utility and luxury. It was custom designed for the winner’s client, who uses a wheelchair.

KBDA is an international design competition for hospitality, residential and commercial property professionals.  The awards are organized and awarded by Kohler, U.S. manufacturer of upscale bath and kitchen fixtures. Kohler manufactures and sell products on a massive scale around the world. It sponsors bi-annual awards for cutting edge design work in the U.S., Asia and India.

Link:  http://www.kitchenbathdesign.com/126557/universal-design-7/