Teacher Resource Guides

Together We Rock! has developed a series of free Teacher Guides for students for the following levels: Grades 1-3; Grades 4-6; and Grades 7-8.

The Teacher Guides feature learning activities that support the following key messages:

·         Celebrate Diversity: A school community is a place where everyone feels they belong and where everyone’s differences are accepted and respected.

·         Believe in Possibilities: A school community welcomes and recognizes everyone’s contributions and embraces the belief that all students have an opportunity to participate fully.

·         Be a Leader: A school community supports and nurtures diversity, cooperation and inclusion, while teaching students to be active citizens within their local and global community. One person can make a difference. Small actions add up to big change.

·         Today is the Day: Inclusive and accessible communities don’t just happen; they are created. Now is the time.

The Teacher Guides are free downloads available by clicking here.